Bespoke Interiors

Dri­ven by an uncom­pro­mis­ing com­mit­ment to excel­lence in crafts­man­ship and design, we cre­ate tai­lor-made inte­ri­ors for lux­u­ry yachts and residences.




Böwer invests in surface technology

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BÖWER CRAFT represents tailor-made interiors of unrivalled perfection. With generations of experience, high-precision craftsmanship and a well-developed eye for detail, we fulfil every desire with the utmost accuracy – and create room experiences of premium style and elegance.

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BÖWER LAB develops solutions for the most exclusive requirements. We research new materials, technologies and processes on a continuous basis at our workshops. Working with experts and our specialists, we develop original manufacturing processes for highly individual solutions, thus pushing the boundaries of what’s possible time and time again – to make your vision a reality.

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BÖWER EDITIONS brings together outstanding craftsmanship and the innovative spirit of our lab. Based on our own designs or in collaboration with renowned designers, we produce pieces of furniture which are both sophisticated and full of character – in batches or as individual pieces. BÖWER EDITIONS is an expression of our craftsmanship and technological expertise: tangible values that stand the test of time.

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