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Founded as a carpentry workshop in 1888, Böwer is now in its fourth generation of management. As a modern full-service partner for exclusive interiors and room concepts, we focus on super and mega yachts as well as private residences. Demanding projects from the cultural and public spheres round off the range to perfection.

Working closely with our customers, we develop a tailored overall concept, coordinate the project across all planning phases and ensure that, at the end, everything is as it should be down to the smallest detail.

Böwer combines traditional craftsmanship and genuine manufacturing genes with state-of-the-art production methods. Architects Anja and Stefan Böwer also have an extraordinary aesthetic sensibility – as the owners and as personal contacts for your project.

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Our values

The masterful interplay of clever minds and skilled hands, mutual appreciation and long-term personal relationships are the most important elements of our company culture.

We’re a company with more than 130 years of history. We acknowledge our roots, are committed to craftsmanship and have grown up with the smell of new wood. Our tradition has shaped us.

We believe in the power of simple, straightforward design
and that, when it comes to our understanding of business collaboration, clarity is the foundation of everything.

Despite our efforts to keep valuable traditions alive, we’re a forward-looking company which not only welcomes, but also seeks out new perspectives and technologies.

Whatever we do, we do with passion and dedication. We delve deep into our projects – and do everything in our power to ensure our work moves, touches and inspires people.

We think and act long-term. Our designs boast timeless quality. Environmental compatibility and resource conservation are very important to us when it comes to choosing materials and production processes.

Anja Böwer

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‘For me, the art lies in interweaving good craftsmanship with good design.’

Anja Böwer is an architect and trained ceramicist. With expertise and a unique flair for art, fashion and design, together with her brother she is leading the company, now in its fourth generation, to new destinations. Whilst, at the same time, ensuring that they do not lose sight of the value of traditional craftsmanship. On the contrary – she believes that it is precisely this combination of innovation and tradition that results in something truly exclusive.

Stefan Böwer

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‘Today our work is more like that of a bespoke tailor than that of a classic joinery business.’

Stefan Böwer is an interior architect with a great affinity for design. Together with his sister, he has transformed the traditional family business from a joinery into a modern, constantly growing full-service partner for exclusive interior fittings and room concepts. He likes to compare the company, which today executes projects around the world to meet the highest possible standards, with a bespoke tailor.