Rémi Tessier

Rémi Tessier

We value the collaboration with Rémi Tessier – in large part because we have the same standards.

We have more in common with renowned French super yacht designer Rémi Tessier than just a passion for wood. We also share a desire to achieve perfection in everything we do together. Or – if you were to ask Rémi – to at least get as close as humanly possible.

Our joint projects have demonstrated that Rémi Tessier’s visions and ideas are a perfect match for Böwer’s comprehensive expertise.

Projekt Tessier 1600x1066px
20200401 Boewer Final 5

Both Rémi and we value the intensive exchange about each and every detail, but also appreciate the fact that many things don’t require any discussion, as our standards align with his.

Projekt Tessier Detail 1600x1600px
20200401 Boewer Final 8
20200401 Boewer Final 12
20200401 Boewer Final 9